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Hell it would be rude to come to Bangkok and not get one!If you’re looking for normal Thai girls in Bangkok check out my post on finding a Thai girlfriend or how to get Thai girls in nightclubs.In soi 11 they don’t have private rooms so if you want something better then you better go elsewhere.Soi 11 is also next to a few Bangkok clubs so if you come here at night, there may be other people being drunk and loud.You can ask to take a look at the room before you go and pay so feel free to ask them and whether they have VIP rooms. What I suggest you do is book yourself an oil massage, this will mean you’re in a private room alone, or at least there are curtains closed so nobody else can come in.For most oil massages in Thailand, you will need to strip to your boxers.

Some Thai girls may ask for more, so always be ready to negotiate, some won’t Some Thai girls may ask for more, so always be ready to negotiate, some won’t do it for less than 1,000 so just pay whatever you’re willing to pay.

Located 50m from Phrom Phong BTS (exit 4), Club 1o2 is a place where you can actually live out all your fantasies: They have dozens of girls and offer all types of massages, you can learn more by visiting their website Analisa Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 6 in Bangkok, and is a massage shop that differs from most.

Along with all the usual ‘extras’ you would expect, Analisa Massage also has a list of kinky massages such as bondage, rape play, hot wax, blindfold, face-sitting, body worship, cross-dressing and much more.

If you’re loud during sex or the room next to you is full, you will hear them.

If you go to any of the shops I have listed above in this article, they do offer private rooms that offer more space and look much better: The better the room the more you’ll pay.

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