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Fault grounds don’t share the same restriction, which can make them an attractive option if your spouse has done something to end the marriage, such as committing adultery.

When adultery occurs, and you use it as your divorce ground, it essentially waives any residency requirement for filing a petition.

Spousal infidelity, referred to as adultery, continues to be recognized as a basis for divorce in Pennsylvania.

If your spouse has been unfaithful, the degree to which you will be successful in obtaining a divorce based on that behavior will depend on whether you can prove the existence of the affair.

If the two of you were intimate after she learned of your infidelity, Tennessee law considers this “condonation.” From a legal standpoint, she’s forgiven you.

One of the more antiquated aspects of Tennessee’s divorce laws allows that if your spouse introduced you to “lewd society” that led you to loosen your morals, and you then committed adultery, you’re not to blame.

The reason why divorce lawyers are against dating while divorce is pending, even if separated, is that it can potentially increase both the cost and stress of the divorce trial.If your spouse files for divorce, then immediately begins dating someone before your divorce is final, you can allege that she has committed adultery too.If she’s guilty of the same act, she loses the right to claim it as a divorce ground.Every once in a while, our Jackson divorce lawyer at Casey, Simmons & Bryant, PLLC gets a client that asks, “Is it okay if I go out on a date?” And our immediate response is simply always, “Wait until your divorce is final.” However, life is often not so simple.

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This can be tricky because Tennessee law does not allow you to photograph someone committing any act if he has a “reasonable expectation of privacy” at the time it occurred.

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