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Sometime in late 80's or early 90's, Campagnolo introduced the "century" and "graphite" finishes to their product lines.

Above: C Record set, showing mechs, cranks, pedals, seat pin, etc.

Some consider C Record to have been the aesthetic high-water mark for component design.

For tourists, Campag offered a triple (above) from 1967, but they are seldom seen. Note the 4-arm design with the chainrings attaching to the crank as the fifth arm.

It was certainly distinctive, like the rest of the C-Record group, but lacked the timeless, classic look of the original Record model.

But by this point the original hub had been so closely copied that in some cases it was hardly possible at a glance to distinguish between Record hubs and copies, such as the French Normandy hubs.

By the 1990s, Campag were offering several group sets in different quality and price ranges, for both racing and touring.

Above is the Chorus long cage model, 1993, featuring a swivelable parallogram with A and B positions for close- or wide-ratio blocks. Note also that the parallelogram now runs parallel to the chainstay, unlike the design from the Gran Sport to the C Record.

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It’s only right the inventor of the quick-release mechanism should go on to produce the very best hubs — not only unmatched in quality of materials and build, but also up there with the most beautiful cycling components ever made.

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