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I dabbed a little on my hand and was immediately transported back 20 years. I've washed my hands numerous times and also did the dishes and I can still smell it on my hand. like a vintage make up it smells, powdery and velvety at the same time, it smells like cornubia from penhaligon's i love them both, for my lovely winter I remember falling hard for this fragrance when it first came out. Sumptuous and good as the old one I had back in the early 90, but still wonderful.A perfume fit for seducing your lover, new or old, with soft jazz, dim lights, red wine or bubbly, strawberries, chocolate and sexy lingerie....The perfume itself is actually a little naughty in my book (in the best way, of course).I am not yet able to pick out any but the most obvious notes (and still learning to discern individual notes at that).

I have purchased quite a few frags in the last few weeks (due to my burgeoning new obsess... Warm bubblegummy laundry is what this smells like to me, I feel like that sounds bad but it's very nice, it leaves a beautiful scent on clothes.My amateur nose was able to recognize jasmine--a beautiful, filthy, lush jasmine that bloomed on my skin almost immediately after application.Vanilla and sandalwood are the only other notes my nose can find at this time, but they are warm, not cloying in the least, and act as a sturdy dance floor for the jasmine to get down upon.I believe it's the jasmines ylang quality that gives the deodorant factor.Freesia, huge doses of lilies, artimisia, plums and loads and loads of vanilla.

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