Grown up dating

' she captioned her throwback photo, cracking a joke at Amy Poehler's character's plastic work.

On the same special day back in 2016, she shared another photograph from set, this time with Lindsay Lohan.

Of course, in a world where self driving cars are the norm, none of that will matter.

How much does the i Mx prototype resemble an actual production car?

That’s according to the more than generous Japanese test cycle.

It has been 13 years since the release of Mean Girls, and while some of its stars have since cemented their status as Hollywood stars, fans have been left wondering what others - including Regina George's iconic belly dancing younger sister - are up to.

Nicole Crimi, 21, is the actress behind the hip shaking Kylie George, and today she is a vision far from her former character, having moved away from acting in order to pursue her dreams as a dedicated university student, talented painter, and aspiring doctor.

Most of the extreme elements of that concept did not make it into production, thankfully.

All of today’s concept cars feature rear doors hinged at the back but no major manufacturer yet has had the courage to actually produce a car with so-called suicide doors.

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Instead of wasting two years getting the gargantuan Model X off the ground, he should have been going full speed ahead on the Model Y. It’s what everyone is looking for — compact size, dual motors with 429 horsepower combined, 516 pound-feet of torque, all wheel drive, and most importantly, 372 miles of all electric range.

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