Gurbaksh chahal dating fifty years of obsidian hydration dating in archaeology

In prosecuting Chahal, the district attorney’s office faced a setback when a judge ruled that police illegally seized the surveillance footage from the mogul’s penthouse.

“What makes Silicon Valley more challenging than other areas is …The judge allowed prosecutors to introduce the video after they argued it showed a pattern of abusive behavior.She reviewed it before issuing her ruling but has not released it publicly.She stated she was in fear for her life.” Chahal was reportedly charged with 45 felony counts of domestic violence for the attack, but after a judge ruled the video was inadmissible in a court of law because it had been seized without a warrant, all 45 charges were dropped.Instead, Chahal plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges, was given three months of probation, and was fined 0.

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