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Dating apps on the other hand, offer the additional flexibility and freedom of mobile features, easily portable to follow you everywhere and additional features such as location-based GPS to find suitable mates nearby, without having to scroll through pages of profiles and lengthy messages of traditional dating sites A simple finger touch on your smartphone screen allows you to signal your interest, chat, disclose your location and decide if you want to take the next step, to go on a date - all done without the fear and awkwardness of face to face interaction that one experiences in a club or social gathering.

In the last 5 years, dating apps have really taken off in a big way in western cultures, in particular US and Europe where apps like Tinder and Grindr have really gained a foothold in the online dating game.

The cause of death was found to be 'deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot in his lung, often associated with flying', which Mr Aiple developed in the clinic before his plane trip home.

It was also revealed that the level of of anti-blood clotting treatment administrated was 'below Australia's recommended levels'.

In emails to his mother, he wrote that he was short of breath, had a rapid heartbeat, and was experiencing fainting spells.

After five days, he was given permission to fly home, despite the fact that his wounds from surgery had burst open, oozing fluid and blood into his bed.

The past 2 years has seen a virtual explosion in the number and scope of dating or matchmaking based apps.Controlling our love life with a flick of the finger on our smartphone with the same ease we check messages from work or order products from online stores.Has finding love reached a whole new level of casualness and ease?Professor Ashton warned that having surgery overseas comes with significant risk, because there is no guarantee as to the standard of care offered to patients.He likened overseas procedures to 'taking a bet', noting that there is no such thing as an international standard of care, and is it difficult to find out the level of expertise of the surgeons employed by overseas clinics.

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She emphasised that prospective patients should be aware of the risks involved with overseas medical treatment.

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