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I really didn't know where to put this posting, I was moved from another forum to this one, but I didn't think that it really fit in the make friends section either.

My husband keeps coming home from work and telling me how lovely it is in the surrounding areas.

The school called Bitterne park has an outstanding report and i will try and get my kids in there when they reach school age!

We live in Sholing which is a nice area, with two good schools, called st monicas and sholing community.

like samantha says the hospitals are gr8, we are very close to the new forest, there are lots of council run swimming pools and gyms which are cheep and nice to use.

To be honest the most scary thing for me about moving is the kids really - how would they get on?It's interesting that those of you who have grown up there have no intention of moving away and those of you who have moved there have never looked back.I have jotted all the place names that you have listed, so I'll be looking on the net at these areas.I do feel really enclosed sometimes living in London, although we are really lucky where I live in West London as we do have lots of lovely parks around.With regards to schools, would you say that there was a particular area to look at, we need primary and high schools.

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We know another couple who moved out there and have never looked back, but they don't have children so are in a completely different situation.

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