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Our site's broken into hyperlinked-sections for easy reference or, if you have a spare afternoon and a flagon of mead, just browse through our pages.Either way, enjoy your time with us and feel free to make comment via the email address.We sincerely hope to see you as principle guest at a Garden Party or Investiture.A common misconception is that the Yeoman Warders or Yeomen of the Guard (In Extraordinary) and The Yeomen of the Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard are one and the same...are not.The shoulder belt had a practical function when our armoury included the heavy harquabus and the belt supported the weight of this cumbersome weapon.The harquabus hasn't been used since the 1600s, but some of our superannuated guards still remember it being issued!!elow is a short history of The Body Guard and within the site a more comprehensive and detailed history.Our uniform and weaponry are described in fine detail and certain myths are dispelled.

The Wars of the Roses began at St Albans in 1455 and saw the weak Lancastrian King Henry VI (he often suffered from bouts of madness) deposed by the House of York and the new King, Edward IV, enthroned in 1461.Find biographies of our Monarchs from 1066 (including Matilda and Lady Jane Grey) and biographies of our 100 Captains of the Guard, including explanations of their more mysterious appointments, eg what did the Master of the Kings Stole actually do?We explain the duties and provide an insight into our ceremonial duties; we also let down our own guard in the section Theres a Funny Thing.They were originally sons of knights, and later patents were granted to esquires.By the 15th century however, their role had been extended in such a way that the protection of the sovereign was no longer their first first positive mention of a royal guard in English history is found in the records of Edward Is reign (12721307), where the description occurs Crossbow men of the Household.

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Each successive monarch since this time may be assumed to have enrolled a personal Body Henry V, the hero of Agincourt in 1415, and his Archers of the Household who accompanied him abroad and fought with him on the battlefield.

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