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The original version of this comparison was written by Idan Miller while evaluating Clear Case vs. It was translated to English and slightly changed by Gabor Szabo.

Original was based on Subversion 1.2 and Clear Case version 2003.0610 Our organization has been using Subversion for more than 6 months now.

This copy was last update on 2nd July 2005, comments from both the Subversion and the Clear Case community are welcome To see a discussion about this and other related issues visit the Subvesion compared to XYZ page.

The product is known to be stable both under Apache and while using svnserve. Other parts of the Organization are already using Subversion (one using svnserve and the other using Apache) and they have not encountered stability problems. Can be used with SVK (a free 3rd party tool) that allows Checkouts, Updates and Commits even when off-line.

The setup for importing UCM stream data is much the same as that for the Clear Case Synchronizer.

The UI allows users to indicate that they would like to import Clear Case VOB data with history as captured in the baselines present on the UCM stream.

Needs ongoing administrative attention: The local experience shows that every day there is a small problem that needs about 1 hour work and once every two weeks there is a problem that needs more than one hour of work.

If a file is changed both in the repository and in the local workspace Subversion requires the user first to update the local copy (by issuing an update command) and making sure the files are merged.

(Either automatically or if that is not possible then manually) This gives an opportunity to the user to see the merged code and test it before committing the change to the repository. Often there is Trivial Merge While the merging capability of CC is very good and fits the type of the file still occasionally the Trivial Merge can actually ruin files.

Since the Clear Case Importer shares a lot of its implementation with the Clear Case Synchronizer, this article assumes that the user is familiar with its concepts and has already set up Rational Team Concert for importing Clear Case data and has configured a synchronization host.

If you are not already familiar with these concepts, please see [1].

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