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She’s the only leader he’s ever known in the House. Democrats have more than 60 fewer seats than they did in 2010, and the party has controlled the House for just four of the past 22 years – despite holding the White House for 14 of them.

He got elected and she succeeded Dick Gephardt at the same time. -- Ryan has been in a somewhat similar position before.

He was 10 minutes late because he had been on the phone with Kathleen Rice, a freshman from New York. Ryan wore white tennis shoes, jeans and a fleece with the logo of the United Auto Workers. “We had to piece a list together, which was interesting. ” Now comes the hard part: Getting nearly 200 House Democrats on the phone and convincing at least half to turn on the powerful Pelosi, who has a lot of chits to call in from the 14 years she’s been in charge. “Two hundred Democrats can determine whether we go in a new direction or stick with the status quo.” -- History is not on his side.

-- He spoke candidly about how hard it is to ramp up for a leadership battle. The last time a top House party leader went down in a contested election was 1964, when Gerald Ford beat Charlie Halleck to become the Republican minority leader.

Jimbo, as everyone called him, had played QB for Pitt (Mike Ditka was a teammate) and loved football players. Almost immediately after finishing, at 26, he won a state Senate seat. “It’s very important, but that’s not a national message,” Ryan complained. People here say, ‘I’ve never been to South Florida.’ That could be Venezuela to them. ” -- But Ryan ducks when asked whether he’d keep seniority in place for committee chairs.

Two years after that, in 2002, Traficant was charged with 10 felony counts, including tax evasion, bribery and racketeering. Jimbo wound up being convicted and was the first member to be expelled from the chamber since the Abscam scandal. Ryan won the Democratic primary, but Traficant got about 28,000 votes – or 15 percent – that fall as an independent. “This is not something I’ve given a ton of thought to,” he professes implausibly. The Congressional Black Caucus is an area of significant weakness for Pelosi, which makes its members top targets for Ryan, but many have been around for decades and would not support him if he endorsed such a reform.

After graduation, he took a full-time job on the staff of Jim Traficant. You’ve got to have a message that works no matter what day it is, no matter what room you’re talking to. Gay people and brown people and black people and white people all want opportunity, jobs, wages, secure pensions, you know the routine.” Asked to give an example, he spoke of the party’s emphasis for months on the GOP refusal to appropriate money to combat the Zika virus.Just four years ago, Barack Obama won it by 23 points. “That changed my entire world view,” Ryan said of the 30-point swing. As I saw the blue fire wall collapse, I was like: I need to step up. I need to be a bigger voice in the party.” The 43-year-old made the comment during a nearly hour-long interview Saturday evening at the Starbucks near his house, where he and his wife have three kids and two dogs.He arrived in a silver Chevy Suburban, unaccompanied by staff. “It’s a really big vote,” he said he’s telling each of them in his pitch.“The problem is they talk to people in segments,” he said. “I have come to believe that we must trust women and families – not politicians – to make the best decisions for their lives,” the devout Catholic wrote in a carefully-worded op-ed. He told me that he still blocks out time to meditate every day. If he’s going to help jobs, infrastructure, let’s talk. But that’s something we could work on.” He added that he would never agree to meet with Stephen Bannon if he wins: “He will not be welcome in my leader’s office. We don’t operate that way.” Ryan added that he has a “very friendly” rapport with Speaker Paul Ryan because they work out together in the gym at the same time in the mornings.“I’m actually doing it a little more in the last week,” he said. Come to think of it, having two guys named Ryan running the House could be a little confusing…

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