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~Melissa Kusia (1969) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Lindsay Shonteff, UK A twisted judge is in reality a psychopathic modern-day "Jack The Ripper" in this rare one set against the foggy streets of London's sordid Soho club scene!

A slow burner that builds suspense effectively right up to the wild ending!Carlotta and the members of a Satanic cult led by Agatha (Marisa Mell) are beginning to regret their allegiance to the horned one (although here he looks more like a Brit pop star) and try to figure out a way to free themselves of his reign. With Valentina Cortese, Irene Papas and John Phillip Law as the Exorcist-style priest fighting against the teasing teen's nude temptations! Rated RThe Sadist of Notre Dame (L'ventreur de Notre-Dame, 1979) UNCUT VERSION!SLIGHTLY WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH DUTCH SUBTITLES Directed by Jess Franco, belgium / France / Spain Several years after Jess Franco made "Exorcism" he used much of that footage and added newly shot new footage that played up the slasher angle more and released the movie as "Sadist of Notre Dame".A cut version was released by Wizard Video as "Demoniac" (There was also a "horror" version of "Exorcism" also called "Demoniac", as well as the porn version Exorcisme). remains unreleased on DVD as of this time so we present it to you now.Starring Lina Romay, Catherine Lafferire, Jesus Franco and Nadine Pascal.

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